Was kind of out of pocket today… did I miss anything?

Just kidding. We listened to Fitzgerald’s press conference live. As for the 10th Inning show on NPR: It’s odd to me how many people who have whiffed with every prediction they have made about this investigation persist in the desire to keep making predictions. (If you’ve missed every pitch you’ve swung at in this game, the pitcher may just be out of your league, slugger. Keep the bat on your shoulder and hope the next pitch is Fitzgerald’s metaphorical bean ball. You’ll get a black eye, but at least you’ll get to take your base.)

I don’t honestly have any idea what the Fitzgerald crew has stewing in their kitchen. They could be preparing to pack up and go home. I heard rumors on the radio, though, that Luskin was visiting Fitzgerald’s building all morning today, which may be part of the reason there was no Rove indictment, which means it ain’t over.

Fitzgerald’s refusal to speculate about the future is not a sign that Rove isn’t necessarily going to be indicted. It’s a sign that Fitzgerald’s M.O. doesn’t change. He didn’t tell us anything about what he was going to do before, either.

I think that there might be some pressure on Libby to talk about the conspiracy now that he’s facing a trial. I don’t think this is done. I don’t think Libby will ever be put on trial, either. 30 years in prison is a life sentence for a guy approaching 60. Libby is going to be wetting himself to find some way to help Fitzgerald now. I am thinking plea bargaining and aiding the “interest of the people” (I love it LOVE IT when Fitzgerald says that. It’s so Eliot Ness!) by giving evidence to support the indictment of Rove on conspiracy charges. That’s my Fitzmas wish…

whaddyou think?

Well, I went straight from posting this to firedoglake and Jane, Kevin Drum and Andrew Sullivan(?) and I all agree.

I feel like I am in strong company here. Then again, blind hog/acorn/etc/….

Well, don’t just sit there… COMMENT!

  1. Patrick,

    I’m right there with you. I was both dismayed and happy this morning when the idictment came in. ‘Happy’ that at least they nabbed Scooter, but dismayed at the prospect that that may be it.

    Yet, when Fitz took the podium and I watched his entire press conference, I quickly felt confident that he was not done. In fact your elliot ness mention was in my mind as well… I even reflected on the big screen version of the Untouchables when Sean Connery’s character got capone’s money guy to talk by shooting the already dead guy in the head.

    Libby is separated from the pack now. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it.

    I’m rolling your blog btw, very well done.

    Inflatable Dartboard

  2. The status quo remains. Libby will be the ‘bad apple’ and things will continue as they always have. I expect no great things to come in the future, not from Fitzgerald anyway. Maybe Libby’s trial might expose something, but that won’t happen until after next year’s congressional and senate races, you can bet on that.

  3. Fitzgerald really started something with these baseball metaphors. Even I did one, and I couldn’t care less about baseball.

    I’ve spent the morning trying to find stuff to post to cheer Fixer up a little.

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