Oh, yay us…

Now it’s Anti-American to ask that the President not plan to kill journalists with whom he doesn’t agree.

The press reaction has, of course, been one of outrage, not only on the predictably anti-American Left, but also on the supposedly Atlanticist Right. Yesterday, for example, a Tory member of Parliament and the editor of the Spectator magazine, Boris Johnson, fulminated against the attorney general’s publication ban in a Daily Telegraph column headlined, “I’ll Go to Jail To Print the Truth About Bush and Al Jazeera.” “We all hope and pray,” Mr. Johnson wrote, “that the American president was engaging in nothing more than neo-con Tourette-style babble about blowing things up.”

This is what happens when what was formerly the majority rapidly diminishes into the minority. The Neo-con mouthpieces can paint people with some knowledge of history and some well-reasoned objections to an ill-advised war as Anti-american moonbats, but what happens when the Tories are calling you and your neo-con buddies a pack of Walter Mitty Warriors with an arsenal?

You better start swimming, or surely you’ll drown, methinks…

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