Bob throws cold water on the froth

and with good reason, I must admit…

Bob Harris witnesses a somewhat spurious debate in the wake of the “Murtha Moment,” and brings some missing perspective to the discussion-

…opposition to the war in this country only counts for anything when it comes from people who have already been vocal supporters of an irrational war based on obvious lies resulting in inevitable mass killing. That’s why Murtha matters as well, of course. The message is repeated and ongoing. And all of this just reinforces the notion that militarism in and of itself is a good and credible thing.

What about the people who were right all along? What about the ten million people who marched in the streets of cities all over the world before this shit ever started? No credibility. Obviously.

Would Martin Luther King have a place in the discussion? No. Would Jesus, whom millions of people who support incredible levels of violence flatter themselves by pretending to worship? No. Of course not. He’s a god and all, but he’s nobody to actually listen to.

Half the country still supports torture, folks. Half. Even though it doesn’t work, and security experts are most vocally opposed.

Being a five-time Jeopardy! winner means you have a big brain, and with that comes a bit of critical thinking capacity. My favorite (if you can call it that) passage from Bob’s screed:

Each war occurs in isolation from all past events; Bush’s support for the Taliban, Rumsfeld’s handshake with Saddam, CIA support for the fundamentalists who morphed into Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with our current situation. History itself is worse than useless; not only are there no lessons to learn, but simply knowing it and pointing it out still frequently brands one as unAmerican.

Some of you may recall how I was once castigated on these very pages for citing some of these historical antecedents to the current conflict…. Nothing like being called out by a hysterical right-wing troll and told, (and I quote):

I just pray you won’t be a history teacher. The next generation needs better than this.

(I was getting my MA in History Education at the time.)

Ahem. Fuck you, dear. I was right. Teach your kids that.

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