I read it for the articles… really

Jason Apuzzo ain’t going to see no gay cowboy movie. No way. Cuz he’s not. NOT GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE **OR** GAY, OK?

I would just like to say at the outset of awards season that we here at LIBERTAS stubbornly refuse to provide the producers of Brokeback with any of the controversy they no doubt crave. We’ve been asked by several media services to comment on this film, and we won’t, other than to say this: Brokeback Mountain appears (because I haven’t seen it, nor do I have any interest in seeing it) to be a completely conventional melodrama that is leaning entirely on its gay theme to ‘rope’ audiences in.

Of course, NOT HAVING SEEN IT, he can’t really dis it proper-like. But he’s not. Gay, I mean. OR GOING TO SEE IT.

TBogg does a nice point-by-point takedown of the rest of A Putz’s Review. I just had to laugh at the last part.


  1. Because as we all know, even the suggestion that two men, somewhere, might be kissing will immediately make you catch teh ghey.

    I used to do a spot of film reviewing, and I can’t wrap my mind around a film critic who publicly refuses to see certain movies because they fall outside his comfort zone. Makes me wish there were a critic’s analog to the Hippocratic Oath or something. Just pathetic.

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