A real Berlin ’36 kind of moment, don’t you think?

Atrios catches Andrea Mitchell saying something kind of chilling:

Well, a former intelligence official tells NBC News tonight that the people most likely to be swept up in this are listed in a Homeland Security database, Brian, called Muslims of America. But most people targeted are never charged with a crime. And one former official says this does amount to a giant electronic fishing expedition. Is it legal? The president says yes. Critics say no. Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter says his committee will hold hearings in the new year.

First, I’d be interested to hear what the Supreme Court would say. It seems fairly apparent to me that LAWS HAVE BEEN BROKEN. Mitchell’s framing of the question is unforgivably disingenuous. I mean, “Was the bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City justifiable? McVeigh says Yes! Critics say No!”

We need to stop asking the criminals if they think they’re guilty. Of course the President is going to say “Hell, no, I’m the President.” Of course DeLay is going to say “This is a witch hunt! These charges are pure politics!” Maybe having tight-lipped special prosecutors isn’t the best thing for driving media coverage. It leaves the guilty out to flap their gums.

Second, a database of “Muslims in America”? Ok, when do we get off the bus and say “Y’know how we all backed off of that Bush=Hitler thing last year? Can we back off the backing off?” This is just creepy.

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