What’s Daniel Okrent’s defense of the NY Times for sitting on the Snoopergate story since before the election?

“You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” said Okrent, who often wrote critical reviews of the Times before leaving in May to write a book. “For the right, this information never should have come out. And for the left, it never could have come out early enough.”

Apparently, as Atrios puts it, “the decision to publish a story should be dependent, in part, on the volume of partisan criticism you expect to receive. I guess that’s how they approach the news now.”

I am really just tailgating Atrios on this. I have no idea what to add. Access journalism really is to blame here. Wolcott’s phrase “attack poodles” seems awfully apt in this case.

It really is indefensible.

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