Credit Where Credit is Due

It seems that in his short blogging career, my dearest Twin Brother has created an internet phenomenon, referred to as “Trexxing.”

The term is based on his nomme de guerrre, TRex, and it seems to have caught on over at firedoglake and it works like this-

If you have a weblog and you are having trouble with a troll, you simply log into your comments management and change the text of their message to something less annoying.

For example, a troll comment like the following:

I honestly think that you’d rather believe ANYONE than any person associated with this country, you moonbat.

Yeah, I’ll call the majority of the muslim world (which is a geographical area, not a RACE) savage. Almost all armed conflict in the world involves 2 or more islamic factions. They mutilate and savagely treat their women. They think it is a golden key to heaven to take Jews out on the way. You can argue all you want that this doesn’t represent the mainstream, but you’re obviously not reading Saudi news, are you?

can be simply modified to read:

I have no idea what the fuck I am talking about, but I know I don’t like the look of those swarthy brown people over there and I am not afraid to make racist blanket statements about all of them. They are different and therefore bad.

Your failure to sign on to fearless Leader’s Jolly Little War confuses and angers me.

I am off my meds.

Ook ook.


Mission Accomplished. Aheh.

If you find yourself being trolled, you should try it. It’s a great stress reliever.

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