Slouching towards Washington

The monster that is Jack Abramoff’s knife in Tom DeLay’s back is coming up the stairs to Little Tommy’s bedroom. Pull the covers up tight, Little Tommy! He’s gonna getcha!!

At the same time, prosecutors in Washington have been sifting through evidence of what they believe is a corruption scheme involving at least a dozen lawmakers and their former staff members, many of whom worked closely on legislation with Mr. Abramoff and accepted gifts and favors from him. Although Mr. Abramoff is also in negotiations in that case, it is unclear whether a settlement can be reached in time for both agreements to be announced at once.

Man. I bet Tom DeLay’s soaking up a quart of gin a night just so he can close his eyes and recharge his batteries for another day of nervously pacing the floors of his office and screaming at his staff.

My grandmother used to say “Lay down with dogs, get covered in fleas.”

Bow wow, motherfuckers.


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