A Festive Pressure’s Off-mas to you all!

Hope everyone is enjoying Pressure’s Off-mas.

Somehow our P.O. holiday has been postponed in favor of ten hours of driving today.

Watching this space for the usual content will probably not avail you of much of interest today.

Huzzahs to the gang at The Alternate Brain for blogging at their usual pace despite the pressing responsibilities of leftovers and other holiday distractions.

Fixer in particular has a fantastic essay up that defies short and/or pithy description.

Well. Out to the car and after, the highway.

More from Northern Virginia when we get there.

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  1. Fixer took the load. I was in a motel with my mini-Hal on the pillow on dial-up and battery power, so I pretty much wussed out.

    A wonderful New Year to you and yours. Maybe in ’06 we can go from investigations and indictments to trials and convictions!

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