1. Yes, but how much of that is in traditional computers? The iPods are nice (and once hacked make nice teeny form-factor PCs) but they don’t exactly whittle away at anything other than Microsoft’s silly belief that they’re entitled to monopolise everything electronic.

  2. i not only welcome our mac overlords, i wait happily for the introduction of the pentium-based imac with a 20″ screen. my birthday is coming up =) the more people buy apple stuff, the richer i get hehehe.

  3. The really fun thing about the ia32 based macs is that all of a sudden there will be this huge hacker movement that will be trying to wedge MacOS 10 onto any random P4 machines that people have. At least until Apple gets all DMCA on their asses.

  4. DParsons brings up an interesting point, and I wonder what that will do to the server market, don’t you? It was Linux tinkering that expanded the knowledge base of Linux distros to the point that it became the defacto server platform for web and file services.

    What will happen if a large user base embraces and extends the capabilities of OS X?

    I bet there’s a slashdot thread on this right now….

  5. Yeah, maybe someone will hack it so that OS X can run on any old PC. But how much of the market do you think that will be? Like 0.0001% I bet. And how are they going to make OS X support all the random PC peripherals, like soundblaster audio, etc that you need to make a PC work? Something tells me that it’s just going to be too hard to worry about, when you can buy a Mac mini for what, $400? $500?

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