‘Our band could be your life…’

David Rees, creator of “Get your war on,” has some thoughts about the Minutemen (the band, not the fat, racist white guys) on the 20th anniversary of the unfortunate death of dboon.

But how great were the Minutemen, really?

I’ve been thinking about that question a lot recently. Here is my answer:
-The Minutemen were–are–the greatest punk band of all time.

So there you go.

I completely concur.

My old band toured extensively with fIREHOSE, Mike and George’s band after the Minutemen, and also with Mike Watt’s solo outings after fIREHOSE. Mike Watt is my hero, and proof that if you stand on principle, in twenty years, you’ll still be standing. I can’t imagine what life would be like if we hadn’t lost dboon.

Go read Rees’ essay about The Minutemen, see this documentary.

We jam econo…

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  1. You know, I haven’t thought about firehose in ages. I think I had an album of theirs — If’n? Something like that. Why do I think a couple of them crashed at my apartment one night in Athens?? Maybe it was their opening band? I wish I had a better memory.

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