Y’know what you need?

You need this dog….

Chewie, a 16-month-old Lab mix with a cute wrinkle down the middle of her forehead, needs a loving home. You can see from the photos that she is brindled (peanut butter and chocolate colors). She weighs about 60 pounds, and is short and stout — not tall-bodied, like many Labs. She’s extraordarily affectionate, and loves cuddling on the couch. She’s a well-mannered (“girlie”) dog who sits, fetches, and stays. She’s also crate trained. All her shots are up to date. For more information, contact Melinda Hawley at mhawley@gsc.edu or Carlie at 706.254.5171 or carlielynne@yahoo.com.



  1. Very cute. I hope she finds a good home soon. Are Labradors dumb? I always thought that they were smart cookies.

    I’m allergic to dogs but we’re getting a parakeet soon. I’m stupidly excited about the prospect.

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