Question of the (yester)Day

La Hermana de Shakespeare has the following question of the day from yesterday:

A twist on the old Actors’ Studio question about what one hopes god would say upon one’s arrival in heaven. Instead, “If there is a god, what would you say to him/her when you arrive?”

That’s easy, if a little sad, for me:

“My dogs are all here, right? Because if not, I want to go where they are.”


  1. You speak for me as well, Maestro.

    There was a Twilight Zone episode many years ago on exactly that. A guy and his dog died together. They got to gate and the keeper invited them in. The dog didn’t want to go. Heaven was the next gate down the road.

  2. I imagine God as quite the practical joker. He’ll lead me along to an ominous looking building and boom at me, “THIS… IS THE ANTEROOM!” and wait for me go in.

    Little will I know that on the other side of the inner door is everyone (human and animal) I’ve ever met, liked, or loved, all there to celebrate at a party that’ll last eternally.

    You just know, though, that God will put those candles that never go out (and in this case, eternally never) in the cake. Ah, God, you big lug, you’re such a card!

  3. “Hey, you know all those people that always prattle on about ‘What God wants’ and ‘God says..?’ Well, they don’t, and guess what? They’re not here! By the way, I’d like you to meet my friends: Churchill, Einstein, and Voltaire.”

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