What good is knowing a musician?

If he doesn’t tell you about cool bands?

Highly recommended are the following:

Des Ark from Durham, NC. I don’t know much about Des Ark except that she occasionally collaborates with a drummer called Chris Newsom, and they make jubilant and noisy rock. You can buy some of their music here and hope that they come to your town.

Also in the same sort of pre-signed and esoteric file is LKN. LKN is one woman, Lauren Kathryn Newman writing and playing all music and instruments. She has a rotating cast of dozens playing the other instruments when she tours. I love her songs and she’s got a pretty cool dog, too.

In the Southern Rock world, you gotta check out Artimus Pyledriver. You can hear their music on their MySpace page. Definitely worth a listen. Southern RAWK that goes to 11. Also, fellow Mopar enthusiasts, to whit:

More stuff as I stumble across it.

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