In the meantime, American students get serious about the cost of draft beer

and taking a break from drunken date rape to fall to their deaths from balconies.

While, in Paris:

Protests have turned violent in France as at least 250,000 people rallied against a controversial new labour law.

Protesters object to new two-year job contracts for under-26s which employers can break off without explanation.

Students fear the First Employment Contract (CPE), which passed into law last week, will erode job stability in a country where more than 20% of 18- to 25-year-olds are unemployed – more than twice the national average.

Mr Chirac has called for dialogue between ministers and labour leaders, but union officials say they will not enter into talks until the CPE is suspended.

Oh, hey, American Idol is on….

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  1. It hasn’t hit north america yet. But it’s coming. I remember in my teens in the eighties hearing about european youth not leaving home, choosing to stay and work instead of setting up their own homes. Now in canada, I meet more 20 somethings living at home than living on their own.

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