ALL my new friends are badasses

I am getting traffic from some new places since I wrote this entry some weeks ago.

Comments have come from darkdaughta (caution, you who are easily offended by boobies- there’s one at that link.) and belledame, both feminists (of the radical stripe?) and both excellent writers.

What interesting comrades the Anti-Sex/Anti-Woman Brigade is making us into! Take Darkdaughta, a self-described “dark skinned, matriarchal, polyamorous, working-class, fat, tall, rogue scholar happily living in exile… ancestor/universe/ goddess worshipping, kinky, queer femme, writer/poet…” and, uh, me…. late-thirties redneck-ish white guy who grows his own collard greens, hunts and works on his old Dodge in his spare time.

I couldn’t be happier about this… unless everyone came to visit and we had a big hoedown… then I’d be fit to bust.

¡vive le difference!


  1. Oh, I’m all for a hoedown (resisting the urge to say “G’s up” – so obvious). You just have to promise to make some chicken mull!

  2. Hey, cheers! ‘ppreciate it.

    per am I a “radical” feminist: mm, short answer would be “no,” I’d say. actually I don’t think I’m a radical anything, probably, at least not by most radicals’ definitions. I’m actually planning to write a couple of good-sized posts about that one of these days. too lazy/fried today, however.

  3. Interesting comrades, indeed. I’m getting accustomed to the ways my boxes are busting and allowing me more room to explore. It’s a powerful feeling that I like. I posted something today that I’m wondering if you can come take a look at/comment on/critique/engage with…


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