Business as usual, chapter 438

Twin brother TRex recently chronicled the appearance on some morning show or another of one of the larval members of the Bush cabal. I watched as much of it as I could stand.

It was some Bush nephew, all aw-shucks fratboy disheveled and mewling about having to be out of bed at the UNGODLY hour of six a.m.

Of course, by the time I was his age, which I estimate to be 19 or 20, I had been rising at 5:30 for all sorts of real (as opposed to faux) redneck reasons: hunting, fishing and just plain GOING TO WORK, which I suspect little Chip Hunter Blake Pierce Bush has done little of.

Most of us glanced at his appearance on Good Morning, You Shitheads and filed it away as some sort of Karl Rove-managed stagecraft at best, at worst, perhaps an appearance by the only person in the country willing to go on the record in favor of the UAE ports debacle.

However, I see it as something darker, oh DARK, dark indeed…

This was Little Chip Hunter Blake Pierce Bush’s coming out party. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Bush Dynasty’s idea of who should be President about twenty-five years from now. Politics and money and oil (and managing Arabic alliances) are the family business. Ignore this guy at the peril of the country, I think. Yes, he’s a bit clumsy on camera, tragically uninformed, demonstrably lazy and leaning far, far too hard on the rickety bannister of his “charm.” So, has that, uh, stopped his fucking Uncle?

I’m just saying…


  1. You know, today’s big schmancy corporate temp job involved updating a megalist of important wealthy contacts. Among the names was one Geroge P. Bush.

    Could well be a coincidence–there wasn’t much else in the way of identifying information; and yet, a chill wind seemed to pass through me for a moment…

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