I spy with my little eye….

Something that starts with “HELL, YEAH….”

I live in a sleepy little town. There’s less than 240 of us, I think was the last count.

SO, there’s a little house right next to the post office, and I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but there’s a ’71 Dart Swinger that someone really loved at one time- it’s got the Bee stripe and some nice tires, now all flat… it’s under a tarp, just kind going south in a hurry. I have banged on the door a few times to see if the guy will at least let me pump up the tires and drive it around the block to keep it from going completely to hell. He hasn’t ever been home.

Until today.

Today, we was out washing his OTHER car….

I got some pictures with the phone. Sorry for the quality, but that’s camera phones.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the OTHER car:

Drives it once a month to give him an excuse to wash and wax it.

It’s CHERRY, too. 440 and all. He even cranked it and revved it good just so he could watch my eyes glaze over.


You can see the Dart under the tarp in the very, very back of the first photo. See the blue bump?


  1. We did talk to him about the dart. It apparently used to belong to his son who, though he’s married and living a couple dozen miles away, doesn’t want to get rid of it. His father, however, seems to have a different feeling about the whole thing.

    I gave him my card and will seriously entertain thoughts of purchasing that purty orange thing if given the oppurtunity.

  2. ya know, one thing I was thinking of doing when the VW lease is up in December is finding a nice unrestored Granny car like, oh, an old slant-six Dart with a 3-on-the-tree. heh. I only drive maybe 4-5 times a month, so that’d be sweet. but dayam I’ll miss that turbo rush blasting up the onramp to the NJ Turnpike. Oh well…

    I’d really like something offbeat like the 61 Rambler Classic or the 64 Rambler Ambassador I had in the mid 90s, but Rambler parts are impossible to find ever since Chrysler buried all the old AMC parts in a landfill after the acquisition. fackers. an old Mopar or Chevy doesn’t have the weird factor of a Rambler or a Stude, but parts are a lot easier to get.

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