Last night I had a session, and today I can’t uncross my eyes

I love session work so much. You can’t imagine how much. Last night I played one song for singer/songwriter Jason Beckham. I have only heard the ONE SONG that we played last night, but I dig that song just fine.

The session evolved nicely, though I am sure it cost JB more in time than he would have liked. The more we played the song, though, the better the drums got, until finally, at about 1 am, it had evolved from my first sketch, which was a sort of Tom Waits-ish circus jazz/soul beat, to a full-on John-Bonham-gets-pensive-with-the-guys-in-Crazy-Horse rumble.

It’s my dream job- session “side man,” as they used to say. Even after a full nine-hour workday, MHY practice and the fastest dinner I have ever eaten sitting down, and four full hours in the studio, I popped out the front door wide-eyed and laughing at 1:30 am.

My poor, long-suffering twin brother got one of those “HAYWHATAREUDOIN’?” calls before I realized that it was well after midnight…

Of course, after only sleeping about four hours, today I am a mess, but at least I got my session fee in my pocket and I am playing again tonight.

p.s.- I am getting some glasses today. photos will follow.

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