I’d be pissed, too

You may ask yourself “Why on earth would Cynthia McKinney punch a Capitol Hill cop?”

Well, maybe it’s because they keep fucking with her. Y’know, suspiciously dark skin and all…

In August 1993, during her first term in office, a Capitol Hill police officer tried to prevent her from bypassing a metal detector, as members of Congress are allowed to do. For years afterward, The Hill reports, the Capitol Police pinned a picture of McKinney to an office wall, warning officers to learn her face because she refuses to wear her member’s pin. (And because officers are innately suspicious of a black woman with braided hair and gold shoes.) Five years later, she blasted White House security after guards thought her 23-year-old white aide was the congresswoman.

You there! You non-white person! Stop!


  1. Yeah, that’s shitty that they’ve disrespected her like that, but it’s still no excuse to punch a cop. I expect from elected officials conduct that goes slightly above and beyond kids settling a score on the playground.

  2. Vaslo

    This was like 13 years ago. Get over it. She should do time instead of trying to spin the issue. There is NEVER an excuse to lash out because you are mistreated, especially when you can get the ACLU bums to back you up in court.

  3. YEAH, fuck the ACLU! Those commies and their precious “Bill of Rights”!!

    What could be more ridiculous? The constitution’s just a piece of paper, after all. Fuck it. Let’s just follow whatever Dear Leader says is The Law.

    You’re clearly not too sharp, so I am going to let your odd concept of time go, except to point out that what this article says is that it FIRST happened 13 years ago.

    And Cynthia McKinney is still black and is STILL being harassed by the Capitol Hill police.

  4. Vaslo

    I’m not bright Patrick? You name the test, trivia, whatever, and I’ll go up against you anytime, anywhere. But rather than do it over email, why don’t we do it in real life, so everyone can see how pathetic you are, and without a mindless blog you’d be, well, nothing.

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