Jeff Goldstein is an asshole.

And really, what says it more than lamenting that a woman journalist’s head wasn’t cut off?

To whit:

Apparently Ms Carroll was treated like a princess by her noble and gentlemenly kidnappers, who snatched her up three months ago simply to protest the occupation of their country by the forces who liberated 25 million Iraqis from under the boot heel of Saddam Hussein. Such a selfless and, yes, painful, act by such a benign and caring and patriotic insurgency!

I mean, screw the millions of Iraqis who voted for democratic reform—impossible without the ouster of Saddam—these mujahadeen care about their honor, and the honor of their country!

Which begs the question: why did she come back? Seems like she had it made where she was. Figs. Fine silks. An all-around comfortable kidnapping, from all accounts.

—Unless, of course, she’s trying to cut in on some of that Cindy Sheehan “speaking Truth to Power” money. Big bucks in that, I hear.

You could almost write this off as a thin-lipped attempt at humor, except that the tub cleaner fumes seem to have been getting to Mr. Protein Shake, lately, and he’s developed what appears to be a severe case of the shack-nasties. I sorta picture him sitting at his computer, splattered with baby food and shaking with rage at Jill Carroll’s FUCKING AUDACITY to turn up in Baghdad WITH HER HEAD STILL ATTACHED! HARLOT!

I think it’s Carroll’s decision to adopt the traditional female headdress of the locals that gets Goldstein’s protein-filled panties all knotted up. It’s easy to sit in Shithead, Colorado and call a woman in a headscarf an “appeaser.” I suspect that he harbors suspicions that the poor woman has succumbed to hysteria and gone native. She’s a woman, after all, and you KNOW how they are… Never mind that for a woman, going out WITHOUT a headscarf is an easy way to get one’s head cut off, preliminary kidnapping not necessary.

For these wingnuts, Jill Carroll’s crime was trying to get the story. Adopting local dress, learning to speak the language, getting out of the Green Zone, none, NONE of that is in the Laura Ingraham , Fox News playbook. What is she, some sort of COLLABORATOR?

May I refer you back to the firsthand account of Canadian journalist Scott Taylor, who was also kidnapped in Iraq? He changed hands several times, between several resistance groups. Some treated him with kindness and fed him meals, others beat and brutalized him, believing he was a CIA spy. But even when he was being fed, and spoken to by his captors, the threat of having his head sawn off never went away.


I think it’s sort of shallow (and frankly sexist) to sit in your condo in Coloradical, dude, and talk smack about a woman who was kidnapped for three months and who lived in fear for her life every day. Of course, y’know, she hasn’t exactly been effusive in her praise of Dear Leader’s Magnificent War, nor has she roundly condemned all Arabs as jackals and scoundrels, so she’s way off Goldstein’s maps.

Here there be dragons, I guess.

And as for that last cheap bit of demagoguery “—Unless, of course, she’s trying to cut in on some of that Cindy Sheehan ‘speaking Truth to Power’ money. Big bucks in that, I hear.”

Hmmm…. yeah, big bucks in having your only child killed in a pointless war, Jeff. Not as much as being a Pajamaline Stay-at-home hysteric, I’d wager, but it’s a lot less fun, too.



  1. Who the hell is that guy anyways, and does anyone really care about him? I mean does he have a large readership or what? Cause he seems like a fucking douchebag.

  2. Please forgive Jeff…just because he can type a blog post with his head lodged up his own ass doesn’t mean he was thinking it through before he typed it.

  3. oh, THAT LGF, I was wondering. jeezus, I’d read this guy, but I think a good emetic would probably do the job at least as efficiently and frankly more pleasantly.

    what the fuck is wrong with some people? seriously, I want to ask all the fuckers who are apparently outraged that Jill Carroll is alive. What the hell is wrong with you? What AILS you, son?

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