California appears to be full of idiots

I don’t even know where to begin with this:

A recent proposal in Hawthorne to require English on most business signs has highlighted growing clashes over language use in workplaces and the public square.

Although sign ordinances such as the one pursued in Hawthorne are no longer a central issue — a 1989 federal court ruling sharply curtailed language restrictions — charges of language discrimination on the job and in other areas are on the rise, said Anna Park, an attorney with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Los Angeles office.

English-only signs. In California. Yes, you read that correctly. OK, here’s my first point: You can’t even write half a paragraph without using a Spanish word… HELLO!??! “LOS ANGELES”??

There’s more:

Federal law allows English-only rules solely when needed to promote the ”safe or efficient” operation of an employer’s business, according to commission guidelines. Employers may not discriminate against a person’s foreign accent unless it ”materially interferes with job performance.”

Rob Toonkel, spokesman for the Washington-based U.S. English Inc., said his organization has been concerned about growing reports of other languages supplanting English. Arizona had established a Spanish-only court, he said, and a Florida county commissioners’ meeting was held only in Spanish.

”We’re starting to see a de facto second language crop up, which is never how the U.S. developed,” said Toonkel, whose group advocates restrictions on foreign languages in the public square as well as more funding for classes in English as a second language.

What a fucking idiot. Holy cow.

This is me, beating my head against the desk.

OK, English only signs it is!

From now on,

The signs announcing the city limits of Los Angeles shall say “The Angels.”

San Francisco shall henceforth be referred to as “Saint Francis.”

Santa Monica= Saint Monica, etc, etc…

“Beware of Alligators” should simply be “Beware of Big Lizards.” (el ligarto)

The Sierra Madres shall from now on be called “The Mother Mountains.”

Any sign advertising a Taco, a Burrito or Fajitas shall be reworded to say “I mark,” “small donkeys” and “bundles of sticks.”

Pinto beans will be “painted” beans.

Mesa, Arizona shall be referred to on signs as “The Table, Dry Zone.”

The word “canyon” should be removed from the language, as it has Spanish origins: Cañon. Henceforth, the Grand Canyon will be “Big Ditch (near Kingman, Dry Zone.)”

“Palo Verde” will be “Greenwood.”

How can these people be so stupid as to not know that the culture in which they are immersed is totally hybridized?

It’s astonishing, isn’t it?


  1. Have these idiots not heard of the language wars that were rampant in Quebec? Do they really want to go down this road? Why?

    Estas nuevas me hacen sentar triste.

  2. CA’s many place names sound a lot better in Spanish, like Atascadero (Mudhole), Arroyo Grande (Big Ditch), Bakersfield – oops! That would sound better in Spanish, too!

    Spanish speakers have been here since the Spaniards stole CA from the blanket-asses. Those people in Hawthorne are idiots.

    BTW, we still have place names from the Chumash, Mi-wok, etc., like Malibu, Hueneme, Mugu.

  3. Mario Nebot

    Hay que ser respetuoso con las peculiaridades lingüísticas de cada lugar, y especialmente con los topónimos, que no han de ser relacionados necesariamente con una lengua hablada. Soy de las Islas Canarias, y pese a que los españoles exterminaron a los guanches (el primer genocidio colonial de la historia europea), borrando su idioma, nosotros conservamos con cariño y orgullo los topónimos guanches: Tamadaba, Garajonay, Triquivijate, Benchijigua …, que son casi el único recuerdo que aquellos pobrecitos desventurados nos dejaron. Por favor, olvídense de sus polémicas entre el inglés y el español en lo atañente a los topónimos. Un saludo, americanos.

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