Poop hauling

Spring is upon us, and Mrs. Dog and I have found a goldmine of good dirt for the garden. Some friends have taken over an old stable and way back in the back there was a large hill that was covered with brambles and thistle. After looking around and trying to figure out where the old stable muckings had been dumped, they realized that the large hill was the old dumping spot. SO, you take horse poop, wood shavings (what they cover the floors of stables with), old hay, pile it up and let it rot for ten years… you got some good, black dirt.

We hauled two truckloads of it away yesterday. We were able to fill up all of the raised beds (which were behind the house last year, and are in front this year. They are going to be spice and flower beds.) We already have turnips, collards, cabbage, cucumbers and snow peas sprouting in the main garden. We didn’t quite get all of the second load unloaded yesterday, so I am going to try to side-dress everything that is already sprouting today with the rest of that amazing black dirt.

I am hoping that next weekend we can get two more loads and spread it as mulch in the main garden. Lots of earthworms in that dirt, which means that we’ll get some aeration in the soil and all of the nutrients one gets from good dirt. Best of all, of course, is that it was free.

I don’t remember if I posted this in the middle of last summer or not, but here’s one day’s haul from last year BEFORE the kick ass dirt got introduced into the equation:

Making salsa 1

Making salsa 2

That yella pepper there? It’ll hurt ya. yessir. I grew a couple hundred of those habaƱeros, last year. A normal human being can only eat about fifty of those in a whole year, so I made hot sauce. I am going to make more this year, I hope.

Anyone who wants a bottle of garlic/habaƱero/sweet potato hot sauce, let me know in the comments, and email me your surface address. I will hopefully have a couple dozen bottles of that to give to friends in a few months.


  1. […] Mrs. Dog and I spent the day yesterday getting more topsoil for the garden. As I mentioned earlier, this is some insanely black dirt, which is the best stuff for growing. We hauled two truckloads of it yesterday and spread it. The garden already looks great. Grapes look good, too. I have some little peaches on one of my peach trees. They aren’t supposed to be fruiting until next year, so that’s a nice bonus. […]

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