The Emerging Scandal

I wonder if AT&T was the only corporation involved in this….

AT&T Inc. and an Internet advocacy group are waging a privacy battle in federal court that could expose the reach of the Bush administration’s secretive domestic wiretapping program.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said it obtained documents from a former AT&T technician that shows that the National Security Agency is capable of monitoring all communications on AT&T’s network.

“It appears the NSA is capable of conducting what amounts to vacuum-cleaner surveillance of all the data crossing the Internet, whether that be people’s e-mail, Web surfing or any other data,” whistle-blower Mark Klein, who worked for the company for 22 years, said in a statement released by his lawyers.

Words fail me. Someone help me out here.


  1. Of course they’re not the only ones, I’m sure every large corporation in the US that has the Federal Government as a customer do this to some degree or another.

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