Are people really this stupid?

Someone put a freakin’ TV in the breakroom here at work. Since I don’t spend much time in there except to buy Nekots or peanuts from the vending machine, then it hasn’t really affected my life all that much. I don’t have a TV at home, so I am hardly EVER exposed to commercials.

Today, I was buying peanuts, and there was a commercial blaring in my right ear. It was for some SUV or another, and the tagline was “I’d rather be…”

There were voiceovers of people saying “I’d rather be hiking,” and “I’d rather be kayaking,” and “I’d rather be camping…” and then loving shots of this big, shiny SUV tearing down some US Forest Service road alternating with shots of some guy flying off a waterfall in his kayak.

People are smart enough to know that buying a new SUV means that they aren’t going to be spending their time in the woods, right? They know that it means more time spent at work making enough money to pay for the thing, right?

I mean, I used to work in outdoor retail. I know that folks buy outdoor gear to make themselves feel better about spending so much time at work. Go to REI any Saturday and notice that the people who are in REI are there…. ON A SATURDAY.


Most of the people who I know that actually fish, camp, hike and kayak drive vehicles that look like this.

Someone help me out here. Are people really stupid enough to think that buying a new SUV will help them camp more?


  1. louie

    The answer is: Unfortunately, yes! Oh, and let’s not forget the environmental damage caused by these gas guzzling SUVs. “If you enjoy nature, pollute it.”

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