While we’re on the topic of May Day

And what it means to be a worker in the US, I think it’s worth mentioning that there are several great pieces of writing in the web about the disappearing working-middle class.

First, it appears that Billmon gets a little misty-eyed about seeing working class people marching to protect their rights, just like me.

Additionally, there’s some serious fur flying over at the TPM book club. David Sirota is blogging about his book Hostile Takeover.

From the lede:

As I note in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed today to kick off the formal launch Hostile Takeover, our government has been the victim of a hostile takeover by Big Money interests. That has meant the elimination of the boundary between Big Business and government to the point where government has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate America.

Oh sure, pundits, political operatives and other Establishment apologists like to come up with all sorts of theories about why lawmakers do this or that, what the political ramifications will be, and what it means for both parties. They incessantly focus on gossip, horse races, or perhaps most vapidly, decry supposed partisan polarization – even though the hostile takeover that drives American politics is quite bipartisan. But, then, that flood of distracting chatter is the Matrix at work. The fact is, most of that nonsensical political discourse is designed to hide the two fundamental truths that nobody wants to talk about, but everyone knows: that our “democracy” is really a legalized bribery, and that every outcome in this system of legalized bribery is one that exclusively serves the interests of Big Money.

Additionally, this is the sort of gut-check that Steven Colbert would be proud of, but I am seeing more and more coverage of the fact that real wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. Gas prices have been the catalyst in the coverage, but it’s something that has been brewing since the economic downturn immediately post 9/11.

And finally, Mrs. Dog and I were checking out the Make Work Pay site, last night. Follow that link and find out how long it takes the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to “earn” your salary. It takes them about a day and a half to earn what I make in a year.

I was wondering as I was falling asleep last night, What does a semi-radicalized (or at least, a group of people who work for a living and who aren’t ashamed to say “And I deserve a good life!”) immigrant working class bode for workers’ rights in this country? Could this be the beginnings of an awakening of the American people, realizing the the purpose of government is NOT to protect the CEO class? Is the Democratic Establishment in DC too neutered to capitalize on this?

Imagine the impact of a Democratic Party running on the slogan “Putting Working Americans First.” I mean, yes, I know that they WON’T, but dream with me for a minute….

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