Today I….

I woke up to the sound of tires screeching and horns honking on the (very) busy road in front of my house. I did a quick head count of my dogs (one….two… all present and accounted for…) and I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

When I looked out the front door, I saw a juvenile pit bull hunkered down in traffic in full submissive posture, while traffic whizzed by at 50 mph all around her.

Dressed in my pajama pants, no shirt and no shoes, I ran out into traffic with my hands raised (THAT’LL stop a semi, right?) and approached this frightened and cowering dog.

The dog was not terribly glad to see me, since she was completely terrified. The cars that had stopped when I ran out into traffic had eased past, and more cars were coming at highway speed, so I made a decision: “I am going to reach for this pit bull, and if she bites me, well, she bites me, but we’re going to get out of this road before we both die.”

Just as I reached for her, an SUV came by at full speed, startling us both. She lunged away from the SUV, and I was able to catch hold of her collar. I walked towards oncoming traffic with my hand up again, and got her into my driveway, where I put her in the cab of my old Ford pickup. (I had to get my dogs inside and put her in the kennel enclosure- our Guest Dog Quarters.)

Once she was safe and inside the kennel, she seemed to calm down quite a bit:

I let my dogs out to sniff and wag at her through the fence, left her with a snack and some water and I went to work. From work, I called animal control, and they took my name and number. Two hours later, they called with the number of young Roxie’s owners.

Happy endings rock.

(btw, I refused the reward money that was offered. I am gonna go buy a lottery ticket while my karma’s good, though.)


  1. Yay! Good job and very brave under the circumstances. It’s a little worrisome her owners let her get away – but, if they were offereing reward money, Roxie’s probably just an escape artist. She’s a cutie.

    I hope you win big!

  2. katzenfinch

    Good for you! She looks like a sweetie.

    We live near a busy street (West 86th in Indianapolis — you or Mrs. Dog may be familiar with it), and installing an electronic fence has worked out great for our guys. I hope Roxie’s owners consider it — if you install the wire yourself (I used lawn staples), the cost is pretty reasonable — and way cheaper than a trip to the Animal Emergency Clinic.

  3. I think that they were using an electric fence, but y’know, big terriers… pain is no object when they want to be with family. I think that the minivan with Mom and the Kids left for school, and Roxie couldn’t stand to not be there to protect them, so she rushed the electric fence, got out into traffic, got confused from the shock…

    and there I was.

  4. There you were, but you could have ignored the frightened dog and left her to her fate.
    I think your action makes you an Official Dog Hero.
    Well done!

  5. Nope, couldn’t have just shut the door and gone back inside. No way, no how.

    I will wear the title “Official Dog Hero” with gusto and pride.

    I suspect that ANYONE who comments here, based on what I know about them, would have run out and done the same thing. Except Fixer. He would have blown something up first, THEN gone and gotten Roxie.

  6. Of course! I would have bolted even without the cane and I know what you mean about not being able to do otherwise. And just that beautiful smile would have been reward o’ plenty. Foundling2 is now in my pictures. Thank you for that as well as the story and the heroic deed. And thanks to Wren for pointing me here.

  7. zennurse

    what a beauty she is, good for you!

    thanks for the bandwhore at fdl, just woke up, will listen today.

    forgive silly note, have small cat asleep on left arm.



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