Torture in Tennessee

I got an email from a trusted friend the other day. I am posting it here. That audio link is broken and I am trying to track down another.

Forgive me if you’re already familiar with this story, as it’s over a year old. It involves a surreptitious tape recording and transcript of police in Tennessee torturing an alledged drug dealer as they demand a signature on a search consent form.

If you have the stomach for it I recommend that you listen to the linked MP3 while reading the (PDF) transcript:

Just to give full credit, here’s the path that led me to this vignette of life in America:

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  1. hb

    I think the link might just be a problem for non-Windows users; it’s evidently not so much an mp3 as it is some kind of weird Microsoft thing (Windows Media Server, or WMS). It seems there are many people linking to this same server; too bad no one seems to have been able to rip it and archive it elsewhere, but it works fine for me (as embarrassing as that is to admit).

    It is rather chilling.

    It’s unfortunate, but stuff like this totally undermines the testimony of all police; one is left to wonder who’s testimony is more credible, that of the police or of some felon.

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