First cars

Michele is blogging about First Cars. Here’s mine, a 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom.

Just saying the words “69 Chrysler Newport Custom” makes me think of nine or ten punk rock kids piled into that thing to go see Suicidal Tendencies at the Metroplex in 1987.

Good times.


  1. katzenfinch

    Here’s mine:

    A Renault Caravelle, a quirky but cool rear-engined, four-passenger, dressed-up Dauphine. Never got any photos of mine, which was white with a red interior and red removable hardtop. The jerk I bought it from (a doctor who sued the school system for teaching sex education) “fixed” the cracked block before selling it to me by pouring corn starch in the radiator. It ran OK, except it overheated easily. I flushed the cooling system, then it wouldn’t run at all. The replacement engine I ordered from J. C. Whitney never came, and I ended up letting the mechanic keep it for the storage fees.

    My experience with my next car — a 1960 Austin-Healy Sprite — turned out better. I still have it, and know a lot more now than I did when I was 17.

  2. tomaig

    Much like yours, only cooler – a 1969 Chrysler 300. Two (enormous!) doors, room for 8, and a 383-c.i.d. V-8.

    Fun thing to do with a car like that – since these were made in the era before locking steering columns, you could, while accelerating, shut off the key for a few seconds – long enough for the unburned gas/air mixture to be exhausted- and then turn the key back on. The resultant backfire from the probably-14-feet-long tailpipe sounded like a 12-gauge shotgun….

  3. Mine was a ’51 Chrysler 2-door sedan with a semi-automatic tranny – clutch pedal but you didn’t have to use it. Can’t remember the model name. 2d one was a ’48 Plymouth 4-door Special DeLuxe. It was a lot cooler. Three on the tree and when you went through a puddle, the water came up through the pedal holes and gotcha right in the face. After I took out the back seat, a 9’6″ surfboard would fit all the way in the car.

  4. The ’48 had suicide doors like a Lincoln. Also had a standard hand throttle: set it and get out and look like you were pushing it up hills. Had a lot of fun with that car.

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