I wish I’d seen this

The Roots played Radio City Music Hall, and this happened:

The Roots, along with R&B singer Bilal, covering Radiohead’s “Everything In It’s Right Place.” I’m speechless. The best hip-hop band of the past decade covering the best rock band of the past decade.

I would have cheerfully thrown away every penny I have for the rest of the month just to see that four minutes of the show.

You can read about drummer Questlove’s travails from the night before, which was NOT a huge success by his own admission, here. And his blurb after the triumphant NEXT night here.

I need to see the mp3 pusherman and get some Roots stuff. This sounds like it was a hell of a show.


  1. Wow. Just…wow. I love the Roots and I love Radiohead and to imagine hearing the former cover the later just gives me goose pimples.

    And I thought hearing Psyche Origamie covering Charlie Daniels’ “Devil Went Down To Georgia” with turntables intead of a fiddle was cool.

    I’m on it, dude.

  2. jasonfifi

    and a song in 10/8(2 beats of 5) covered by a hiphop group is just super cool. also, that song’s in C phrygian(the 3 of Ab), and most hip hop’s just jammin’ on the 1.

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