Trying to push it over

One member of my band had to work Friday night, so we had no gig and really no way that we could practice unless it was between one and four am. Noah had to be up a on roof the next day (we’re all working six and seven day weeks right now in preparation for getting out on the road), so that wasn’t practical for him.

The other three of us decided to take the leftover promotional cds that we had, which numbered about 30, and drive to Conyers and give them away. Conyers is one of those satellite suburban towns where upper middle class people move so that they can work in Atlanta and have kids away from the less seemly influences of downtown Atlanta. Of course, the kids crave those unseemly influences like fish crave water.

So… enter Music Hates You.

We drove down to Conyers after doing a little research on MySpace- I did a google search [conyers punk metal] and got a couple of MySpace users’ profiles. I emailed them and said “We’re coming. Where do the kids hang out?”

They wrote back and told me Starbucks, Taco Bell and the surrounding parking lots. We drove down there and found them right where they said they’d be. We gave away every CD we had, and made some new friends. It was cool. We should do this in every little town like Conyers around the ATL- Peachtree City, Kennesaw (where it’s illegal NOT to own a gun),

Kennesaw has the nickname of “Gun Town, USA” due to a city ordinance passed in 1982 [Sec 34-1a] that requires every head of household to maintain a firearm with ammunition.

Griffin, Doraville, Madison, Covington, etc, etc….

These kids hang out in parking lots, because there’s nothing else to do. In Griffin they call them Fender Lizards. We’re going to go and recruit them by giving them free music. I don’t see how this can fail….

We’re gonna make a ring around Atlanta like Sherman…


  1. The kids here hang out at the parking lot in front of Starbucks as well. Ain’t no place else for ’em, more’s the pity. It’s either there or partyin’ out in the woods.

  2. Gordon,

    Apparently you haven’t been out around Atlanta much lately. Ain’t much woods left these days. It’s nothing but subdivisions, parking lots, office parks and strip malls.

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