I can’t look any more

You may be wondering why I have almost completely stopped writing about Iraq. If you’re one of my regular readers (both of you), you probably remember a time when I was banging on, sometimes three entries a day, about the folly, foolishness and fratricide in the Fertile Crescent.

The truth is that it’s just gotten to be so horrible- so unforgivably bad- it has become unwatchable. It’s a merry-go-round of graft, blame, murder and egoism. In the meantime, the bodies of young men come home feet first and President Flight Suit has yet to go to a single funeral or comfort a single mother made childless by the war.

The sheer pointlessness of it is staggering. And now this.

My opinions are a matter of record. There’s no point in reiterating them here.

I just don’t want to talk about it any more. It’s too disgusting. It’s just too horrifying to even comment on any more- while we have these pathetic kitchen table debates and Ann Coulter crosses (and uncrosses, then crosses, then uncrosses, etc….) her legs on another talk show, another roadside bomb kills another soldier, or another stray bullet rips into another Iraqi 7-year-old.

The Flypaper Argument is crap. The Weapons of Mass Destruction apparently only exist in Ahmed Chalabi’s opium dreams of power. Al-Qaeda is more powerful on the Arab street than they have ever been, and what we get from our government is platitudes, falsehood, Fox’s “Morning Memo,” and the drip, drip, drip of leaked information about more no-bid contracts and sub-rosa deals where Republican high-rollers clock six seven figures to go ball pre-teens in Thailand.

I’d like to think that the final judgement of what has been done in Iraq will between the men that decided to have this war and their creator. If He’s up there, may He be more merciful in His judgement than I would be.

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