A hard-on for bloodshed

Was quickly scanning TBogg (which is really inexcusable, since he usually makes me laugh out loud, though these days I am spending a LOT of my time talking about The Record), and saw a photo of Michelle Malkin holding a playing card.

Now, TBogg has had some fun with Malkin’s vBlogging, or whatever they’re calling the video thing over at Hot Air, and I have, y’know, like…. not watched any of them… so maybe, I thought, maybe Michelle took a break from race-baiting and demagoguery and she’s showing off her new card trick.

Gosh, I thought, that’s almost kind of sweet. Who knew? I like card tricks… I wonder what… oh, wait….

That card is the 1st Cav “Death Card”- the Ace of Spades with the Grim Reaper emblazoned on it.

The story goes, and I suspect that it is largely apocryphal, 1st Cav used to walk around the battlefields of Viet Nam after the shooting had stopped, sticking these cards into the mouths or hands of the enemy dead. There’s a scene in Apocalypse Now where Robert Duval as the maniacal Col “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” Willard is littering the battlefield with the Death Cards:

Lance: “Hey Captain, what’s that?”

Willard: “Death card.”

Lance: “What?”

Willard: “Death card. Letting Charlie know who did this.”



What is it about these [air conditioned, pampered] people that gets them all het up about killing people? I find it kind of unseemly. I mean, Captain Ed and The Malkins and LGF- fucking wannabe warriors one and all. Someone fill me in as to why they celebrate bloodlust a virtue.

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  1. Darren

    I think you’re right that it was Lance and Willard having the quoted conversation, but I think Willard was Martin Sheen’s character. Duvall’s Cavalry Commander is Kilgore, I think.

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