I am supposed to be driving to Indiana

But man, am I glad I went to work today instead, so I could read stuff like THIS on the internets.

National Journal’s Murray Waas reports that Karl Rove was in fact columnist Robert Novak’s source for learning Valerie Plame’s identity, and that the two men, upon learning of a federal investigation, spoke and may have created a false cover story to hide the truth.

In other words, there’s mounting evidence that Novak and Rove not only lied to the FBI and grand jury, but they conspired to obstruct justice. Waas explains, with greater finesse:

On September 29, 2003, three days after it became known that the CIA had asked the Justice Department to investigate who leaked the name of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame, columnist Robert Novak telephoned White House senior adviser Karl Rove to assure Rove that he would protect him from being harmed by the investigation, according to people with firsthand knowledge of the federal grand jury testimony of both men. . . .
Rove and Novak, investigators suspect, might have devised a cover story to protect Rove because the grand jury testimony of both men appears to support Rove’s contentions about how he learned about Plame.

Oh, Turdblossom…. that’s like, SERIOUS jail time.

Skilling and Lay headed for the pokey, and now Novak and Rove in the Obstruction of Justice sweaty grope? Is it my birthday?

Why yes, yes it is….


  1. Okay, horrible (and off-topic) thought here. Do you think Bush sealed the Jefferson-FBI records because Hastert threatened impeachment proceedings if he didn’t?

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