Still in Indiana

It’s kind of nice up here. Hotter than usual, they tell me, which feels just like home, so I am not complaining too much.

Still running around seeing as much of the missus’ family as time will allow.

There’s a whole slew of them, y’know.

And yes, today is my birt’day. And I am planning on having some Peruvian food for supper and watching a movie with my lovely wife.

Probably light posting as we criss-cross the Indianapolis metro area seeing cousins and stuff. Have a good one, folks.


  1. Peruvian food…. well, let me first tell you that when I used to work at this company in Chicago alongside a charming young woman name Patrîcia, we had the following conversation:

    Patricia: Hay trente typos de papas a Peru, patrick.

    Me: trece?

    Patricia: No, TRENTE…

    Me: TRECE?

    Patricia: No, tonto, TRENTE…trentetrentetrente….

    Me: Trente typos de papas? No se puede….

    Patricia: Sî, es verdad…. papas azul, papas ducle, papas d’oro…

    So, yeah, there are PLENTY of potato dishes. Also, remember that Andean people gave the world tomatoes, peanuts, coffee, cacao, tobacco, manioc, squashes, and a bunch of other foods, so there’s plenty of variety. A favorite is lomo saltado- beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, french fries and lime juice. It’s served over rice.

    Tonight we had roast pork with sweet potatoes with a purple onion, red bell pepper and lime juice slaw for an appetizer, with chicken and rice with mushrooms for a main course.

    It doesn’t suck. And they have EXCELLENT coffee at Peruvian places, usually, too.

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