I want my money back

After, oh, 17 or more years of playing in punk bands, metal bands, touring with guitar amps the size of refrigerators and playing in clubs so loud that the noise would knock your beer over, I can still hear that goddamn teens-only ringtone.

And it HURTS my fucking ears.


  1. hb

    Damn you, you young whipper-snapper. I’ve been trying to hear that tone for the past couple of days and can’t hear it at all.

    But judging by your reaction it clearly holds potential for its originally intended purpose; to drive you kids away from venues where you aren’t wanted! 🙂

  2. I can hear it too. I wonder if it’s really 17kHz? Because I’ve had my hearing checked when I went into the military, and I couldn’t hear that high in a sound-proof booth. But here in a computer lab, through crappy headphones, I can hear it — AND I’ve got sinus congestion at the moment.


  3. Well, I can hear it, and I used to run sound for a punk band, so you know I’ve got damage. It makes my molars hurt.

    I expect the computer I’m using is just playing it at a level it can manage, so it might not be as high as a more sophisticated electronic device could produce.

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