Where all of my energy is going, lately

I have been really focusing on two things:
1. Painting my house.

2. Promoting my band. This is an email that I just sent out to all of the Music Hates You fan club mailing list and a bunch of other nice people:

Tonight on the Local Music Show on 105.3 The Buzz in the ATL, Aaron F. Hickman will be playing “Living Room.” Homegrown Buzz starts at 8pm EST, and if you are not in Atlanta you can tune in via the intarwebs thingy by going to their website:

105.3 The Buzz

and clicking the “Listen Live” link.

If you wanted to really help the band, you could call the station and thank Aaron for playing the song, letting him know that by supporting Music Hates You, he’s putting money into the Athens beer, coffee, cigarettes and auto parts economy. 404-741-1053

You can also add Aaron as a MySpace friend here:
and keep track of goings-on in ATL/ATH music.

Tell him we sent you. The Buzz is the sort of station that makes a difference for bands, and if we crack Atlanta, baby, that’s like winning the lottery. This is the first step of that.

and YOU are our secret weapon. We appreciate your support.

music hates you

Pushing it over….

If you’re a musical type person and you have some thoughts on record promotion, leave them in the comments. Any advice is good advice….


  1. Okay, I haven’t done this in ages, but I used to promote bands in Boston and what I found most useful is encouraging your fan base. We used to send out a newsletter (before widespread Internet access made this easy) with gig schedule and little blurbs from the band. It was written in the classic promo fomat, which is to say it was campy as hell. We would also put copies in the bars when we got there. Most important, though, we had all the local radio and indie/music publications on the mailing list. The more gigs we got, the more coverage and air time we got. I know it sounds amateur. It was. It was also effective enough to get the primary band we worked for a recording contract. At that point, our job was done and I take no responsibility for what Epic did to the band.

    Don’t know if that helps at all, but there it is.

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