Does this podium make me look fat?

Actually, the podium looks like half a million free minutes of AOL.

(photo by Spotted)

That’s me yammering on about what an honor and a privilege it is for Music Hates You to be selected as the 2006 Flagpole Music Awards Best Punk/Hardcore band.

from l-r:
Noah- vocals and guitar. Hidden behind him is Big Andy from The Dumps. Then Forest, Bass player for MHY. Craig Lieske, presenter and guitar player from Garbage Island. The right leg and wrist you see is Jeff from The Dumps, then some guy, and far right is Zaxx from Music Hates You. Who knows what I was yapping about, actually? Might have been anything.

There are more photos from the Flagpole Music Awards here.


  1. B Moe

    Grats on the award, I’m gonna try to make it over to see you guys one of these days.

    And if you are interested in seeing me go after some real wingnuts, check this one out:
    As hard as it may be for you guys to believe, I actually got recruited to give a moderate view on that site, lol.

  2. A belated congrats to you. Your blogging sloth is, of course, completely and totally outstripped by my own. I’m becoming the JD Salinger of the blog world or something. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about you and glad to hear MHY is thriving.

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