Here, you take it for a bit

Brother TRex has really taken the blogging torch and run with it here, as of late.

Another brilliant and funny Late Night FDL.

I know for a fact that he wasn’t feeling well when he wrote that.

Lately, I have been swamped with promoting the record and playing. Sorry that I have been remiss in my blogging duties. It may be that I am compensating for my blogging sloth when I say this, but it seems that the usually asinine internecine conflicts of the mighty blogosphere have taken a turn from the stupid to the even stupider. Billmon has an interesting take on it.

In the meantime, I am going to try to blog more regularly. We’ll see.


  1. zennurse

    Hi Patrick,

    Your bro is becoming a superstar, just like you are becoming a rockstar!!

    What does it mean that I’m a nearly 51 year old woman just discovering Pearl Jam? I watched the Letterman hour long televideo and had to run right out and get CD’s. I think I’ve listened to Ten 300 times in the last month and I can’t stop. This may not be your fave band, but does that happen to you? Can’t. Stop. Listening.

    It hasn’t been like this since Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon came out.
    (Amazing show- South Fla, 1973, I was 17, got there hours early and watched them set up)

    Am I losing my mind?


  2. TRex has indeed been quite the wag, posting over on Firedoglake. You’re a talented pair, you are. But we like to hear your voice, too, Patrick. Good luck with the record promotions, in the meantime. Sell ’em all. Then come on back and talk to us.

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