Studs Turkel is still our kind of troublemaker

Who knew the old guy was still kicking up so much dust?

On May 22, 2006, Terkel, along with other plaintiffs, filed a suit in federal district court against AT&T to stop them from giving customer phone records to the National Security Agency without a court order.
“Having been blacklisted from working in television during the McCarthy era, I know the harm of government using private corporations to intrude into the lives of innocent Americans,” Terkel said in a statement. “When government uses the telephone companies to create massive databases of all our phone calls it has gone too far.”

If you don’t know who I am talking about, you need to read some of his stuff.

There’s plenty to choose from:

• Giants of Jazz – 1957
• Division Street: America – 1967
• Hard Times (an oral history of the Great Depression) – 1970
• Working – 1974
• The Good War – 1984
• Chicago – 1986
• The Great Divide: Second Thoughts on the American Dream – 1988
• Race: What Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession – 1992
• Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century by Those Who’ve Lived It – 1995
• Talking to Myself: A Memoir of My Times – 1995
• My American Century – 1997
• The Spectator: Talk About Movies and Plays With Those Who Make Them – 1999
• Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Reflections on Death, Rebirth and Hunger for a Faith – 2001
• Hope Dies Last: Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times – 2003
• And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey – 2005

see? Pick one. Pick several.


  1. Steve

    I’ve loved Working for 30 years. But it’s the only one of his books I’ve ever read. Must remedy that soon …

    — Steve

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