If you run, you’re just gonna go to jail embarrassed

Dodge Charger police package

I guess almost everyone goes straight in their late 30s, even the Charger.

I’d love to see a quarter mile with the old hemi and this new beast side-by-side.

Someone has to have done that by now….


  1. “Po-leece Special” used to mean a hot motor and beefed up runnin’ gear. Now it’s just a fiberglass rear seat you can’t shove anything behind and that the trusty can just hose the puke out of.

  2. Yeah, makes me wish I picked up that ’74 Grand Fury Police Special when I had the chance…

    Then again, I could just wait a few years until these first generation Chargers come off police duty and snap one up at auction. I ought to be able to afford one of those by then…

  3. jasonfifi

    police cars are great finds at auction. a homeboy of mine in highschool used to get crown vics and caprices for like $500.

    i seriously doubt they’re ever going to be selling a charger for that, but here’s hopin’.

    i’ve heard more recent news about how they weren’t expecting quite so many people to want the 300c, so they haven’t started making the charger yet… sad.

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