Anybody here been to France?

I sent an email to The Fixer earlier today, asking for advice on what to do in France on vacation. You may or may not know that he and his missus fetch up there every couple of years and really turn it out– nice meals, nice hotel, nice way to spend your time off.

I got to looking at those pictures and reading his entries about it last year, and I thought, “I wanna do that.” But we’re probably not going to be able to really do it up, since we’re a musician and an actress, one-of-whom-has-a-straight-job.

So, I am opening the floor for suggestions on cheap ways to see France. We’re not particularly married to the idea of staying in Paris, either- As I said to fixer in my email, “We are open to a “You should train hop and do hostels in the following cities: A, B, C, D and E…” or “You should rent a donkey and go to this little village called Les Canards du Donc and stay at this B&B and do daytrips to these places: A,B,C, and D.” We’re trying to figure out which will be cheaper and more fun.”

Talk to me, folks…


  1. The entire Languedoc region out-Italies Italy, yet it’s not nearly as expensive as, say, Provence. Go to the medical museum at the Universite de Montpellier if it’s still there. MUST GO SEE Aigues-Mortes and Cap d’Agde, maybe throw in the Camargue for good measure.

    Paris? O… wait for it… verrated!

  2. I spent an hour at the Nice airport once. On the strength of that, I can highly recommend the Riviera.

    Getting to the Med was on a WWII-vintage troopship with a thousand other sweaty Jarheads and Squids. That’s fun, but your Mrs. might not enjoy it. Unless bunks stacked five high and lighting farts appeal to her.

    I have no desire to go to Paris, or any other big city for that matter, but I think it’d be fun to tour the rest of the joint on a motorcycle.

  3. Here's One

    One word- Bordeaux. Great city surrounded by beautiful wine regions. Be sure to see Saint Emillion. I can recommend the day tour from the tourism department there in Bordeaux city center.


  4. David Cesnik

    The best way to enjoy France is when you arrive, go to the nearest train station and buy a ticket to Italy.

    I loved France, but the truth is, it just isn’t the best part of Europe.

    If you’re going to spend all that time and money, don’t do Paris, Nice and Lyonne, do Rome, Florence and Venice. (with a day trip to Pisa and/or Sienna somewhere in there) You’ll thank me later.

  5. Janet Gordon

    Skip France altogether. Why put your money into a country and economy that promotes the torture of animals? If you’re not familiar with the fois gras industry check out

    I’m with David about Italy. Beautiful county, beautiful people, beautiful music, and wonderful food!

  6. Gosh, I was going to say, let me know if you change your mind and are entertaining the idea of Spain. Me and the b-f are thinking to maybe escape there for a bit in the late fall/early winter.

    And another thing–see Paris. Fer chrissakes. It’s Paris!! At least go, walk into the louvre, have a latte on the left bank and then get out of town. But then that’s me–I like fois gras and rabbit.

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