You can’t make this stuff up, part 43

From the WaPo:

There was trouble from the first question at yesterday’s news conference by President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The AP’s Tom Raum had just asked a question about the violence in Iraq, and Bush looked down to gather his thoughts before turning to Maliki. “I’ll start,” the president said.

“Na’am,” said Maliki, using the Arabic word for “yes.”

“Okay, you start,” Bush offered, evidently thinking Maliki had said “no.”

“Na’am,” Maliki said again.

“You want to start? Go ahead,” the perplexed president pressed. Bush had by now put the interpretation device in his ear, an end to the who-goes-first game.

“Na’am,” Maliki repeated. “Na’am.”

In any language, Bush is having trouble getting to yes in the Middle East.

What, is Mel Brooks filling in for Karl Rove for a few days?

This decade is becoming too stupid to live.

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  1. Chuck Williams

    Bush does not even know the Arab word
    for, ” yes ?? ” This is beyond belief.
    3 1/2 years later and Bush can’t translate the most basic word ??
    Aren’t there any countries in the world that will please help us in Iraq ?
    128,000 US and 12,000 helpers. What happened to the 50,000 British soldiers ? Does anyone recall reading about when the British went home ? It is almost seems to me most of the British sneaked out when no one was paying attention. Why can’t the British send more soldiers ?
    Sheeeesh !!

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