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Newsweek has published a list of the 100 Best High Schools in America this week. In light of all of the “reforms” yammered about in the Georgia press in recent years, you’d figure that we would be a shoo-in for several spots in the countdown. We have the aforementioned Georgia High School Graduation Test, School Systems can now fire teachers that aren’t performing and not have to answer to an appeal (blaming teachers is always good for a laugh if you’re a politician that has never taught), an extra 30 minutes of academic classroom time has been added to middle schools, and schools have been warned that they are going to be assigned letter grades so that prospective students and their families can decide if said schools are performing. That’ll fix ’em!

Well, the news is- there isn’t one Georgia school in the top 100. Not one. There are seven schools from North Carolina (four or more in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County alone!), eight from Florida, one in South Carolina, at least one from Alabama, but not one in Georgia. Hell there’s even one from Arkansas, where the state motto is “Thank God for Mississippi!” Quick, someone form a Blue Ribbon Panel! (How busy is the CEO of Waffle House? Get him on the phone!)

The good news is, Governor Sonny “Gen’l Lee Surrendered, But I Never Will!” Purdue is planning on kill the reform initiative begun by his predecessor before it can prove out or not. Perhaps if we offer to drape all of the high schools in the confederate battle flag we can get the Georgia General Assembly’s attention.

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