More IM Funnies

B: went to see the bull riding last weekend. man that was crazy
Patrick: what was he riding?
B: some dudes pelvis
Patrick: ouch
Patrick: there’s your X Game, brother
B: 3-4 people were seriiously hurt
Patrick: PBR (Pro Bull Riding) is a lot more extreme than jumping out of an airplane strapped to a snowboard
B: one guy was still being worked on by the medics while everyone was leaving
B: its nuts.
Patrick: ouch
Patrick: they were working on his nuts?
B: I dunno what those guys do after they are too damaged to walk anymore
Patrick: sit around and talk about it, I’d imagine
B: or go to work for microsoft
Patrick: now THAT’S not only funny… but would make an interesting short film
B: heh
Patrick: especially if their new thrill was trying to keep an out-of-the-box Exchange server on the internet eight seconds without getting hacked
B: yee haw
Patrick: Hyaaah!
Patrick: “Oh, wow, Tug… that one came down hard, and right out of the chute, too. That’s one serious root kit….”
Patrick: “Well, Roy, thank god for the clowns in Microsoft Server Support… here they come now…”

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