Matthew Yglesias on the Neocon Zeitgeist

They’re confused, and not very sharp:

Once upon a time, I thought the neoconservative right was sincere in its dedication to democracy-promotion. Then I came to the view that they were cynically lying. But then I started to come back around on this point, especially after I started living in Washington and gaining the ability to soak up a bit more of the atmosphere. They seem to be genuinely confused.

I like to think back to what Jonathan Schwarz had to say it about some time ago:

Life in the United States now is like being trapped on a jet piloted by people who keep claiming there’s a huge secret tunnel through the Rockies—and they’re going to use it to fly us all through to the other side. You just have to pray to god they know they’re lying.

They don’t know, Jonathan. They don’t.

Now watch the Real Estate Market. It’s about to fly through the Rockies.


  1. They know they’re lying–

    they just think being wrong isn’t a big deal, and being successful con men is all that matters. If you can take your profits out before the deluge, someone else will come along to pick up the pieces when they’re done. Or not– whatever.

    They don’t even care if country go boom when they’re done, as long as they have enough buckets of money.

    Isn’t that the pattern of Bush, jr’s business dealings? He got paid, even as the companies for which he was supposedly responsible went bust, one after the other.

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