While I am sharing videos

I discovered this today:
There is a song by French hip hop artist Disiz Le Peste called “J’Pete les Plombs.”

‘J’Pète Les Plombs’ means, literally, “I pop the lead,” which is French slang for “I am blowing a fuse,” since the element of the old style fuses was made of lead, and was designed to burn out before a surge of current gets into the house and burns up all the wires and/or the whole house. It’s something that some French people say meaning “I am about to lose my mind,” and it is also the title of the current Disiz la Peste album, probably the best French hip hop record of 2005.

here is the video for ‘J’Pete Les Plombs,’ which you will notice is a parody of the film ‘Falling Down.’

I was writing to a friend in the UK today and explaining the phrase “J’Pete Les Plombs” and that’s how I ran across this. (Thanks, Google!)

Big ol’ fascinating world, isn’t it?


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