Billmon with the not-so-funny

Billmon weighs in with a depressingly dystopian assessment

the United States is moving down the curve of imperial decay at an amazingly rapid clip. If anything, the speed of our descent appears to be accelerating.

The physical symptoms — a lost war, a derelict city, a Potemkin memorial hastily erected in a vacant lot — aren’t nearly as alarming as the moral and intellectual paralysis that seems to have taken hold of the system. The old feedback mechanisms are broken or in deep disrepair, leaving America with an opposition party that doesn’t know how (or what) to oppose, a military run by uniformed yes men, intelligence czars who couldn’t find their way through a garden gate with a GPS locator, TV networks that don’t even pretend to cover the news unless there’s a missing white woman or a suspected child rapist involved, and talk radio hosts who think nuking Mecca is the solution to all our problems in the Middle East. We’ve got think tanks that can’t think, security agencies that can’t secure and accounting firms that can’t count (except when their clients ask them to make 2+2=5). Our churches are either annexes to shopping malls, halfway homes for pederasts, or GOP precinct headquarters in disguise. Our economy is based on asset bubbles, defense contracts and an open-ended line of credit from the People’s Bank of China, and we still can’t push the poverty rate down or the median wage up.

I really would like to disagree with this…

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  1. hb

    Maybe you should read the Onion’s description of what Billmon titles “The Sixteen Acre Ditch”; it was a bit more inspiring. I particularly liked the imagery of the “… giant blue plastic tarpaulin, reportedly the largest of its kind, which fluttered and snapped …”

    Come to think of it, maybe Billmon has been reading The Onion for ideas. Consider their respective reviews (here and here) of Mike Judge’s movie, Idiotcracy.

    I thank big pharma for SSRIs.

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