So, yeah, leaving the country and stuff

I have indeed been invited by the Low Lows to fill on for their regular drummer on their European tour. I will be On the Continent from the last day of (r)Oc(k)tober until late November. Watch their site for confirmed tour dates. I am going to be posting them as fast as I can over here.

To clarify: I am only taking the briefest leave of absence from Music Hates You and taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to play with Parker Noon of the Low Lows (who I think is a genius) and I am not replacing Jeremy Wheatley for longer than a brief heartbeat in the grander scheme of corpus mundi…

I will probably be blogging the whole trip here. I will post tour dates as they are confirmed…

Right now they are:
Oct 31 2006 8:00P- The Luminaire London / UK

Nov 8 2006 10:00P- the Luminaire London / UK

Nov 9 2006 10:00P- the Hope Brighton / UK

Nov 11 2006 10:00P- the Adelphi Hull / UK

Nov 12 2006 8:00P- the Cavern Exeter / UK

After that, it’s on to France, Spain and then Italy.


  1. The thing about these gubmint jobs- you keep coming to work, you keep earning leave time. I like it like that.

    I haven’t had a vacation since LAST August, so now I get me mine.

  2. Vicky

    Kilburn! My old stopming ground. It may not be able to rival homemade icecream, but there’s a fish supper payback with your name on it waiting for you when you hit town.

  3. I’m such a bad friend. I’m totally just now getting caught up on your life. I hope you’re having a blast overseas. When the dust settles upon your re-entry, give a call or drop a line. I know it may be hard to detect, but I do think about you regularly (and fondly).

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