A Little Bit About the Low Lows

the band with whom I am going to Europe is The Low Lows, and here is a brief excerpt from an email I sent SteveAudio last week when I got the news that I was onboard:

melancholy rock band the Low Lows have asked me to be their drummer on their upcoming European tour. I will be “On the Continent” for a month playing very Velvet Underground-ish beats behind their sort of Sparklehorse-y melodic drone. It’s interesting- it’s a HUGE step away from MHY… their music calls for the Moe Tucker sort of rumble and bash, but even MORE austere… a style I am referring to as “LESS Tucker.”

There is also an element of a battered existentialist cowboy ethos to tracks like “Miss November,” “Tigers” and “Five Ways.”

I am going to email Parker and ask if I can post a couple of songs here so that you folks can get a little taste.

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